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Unlock Your Pc Or Laptop Using Your Phone’s Fingerprint- Here is How(complete guide with screenshots):

It is a common thing nowadays that you have a fingerprint sensor on your phone. But you may not have the same in your Laptop and Desktop. Laptops companies are now including fingerprint sensor for easy access of security on their products. But what about a Desktop? It might be difficult for you to type the password in front of your friend or family member. As it is a matter of privacy. But what if you can unlock your pc whether it is desktop or laptop, using your mobile fingerprint? The answer is yes,you can.

How to proceed?

You just have to install a module provided by XDA DEVELOPERS in your PC and an app from Google Play Store in your phone. And some configurations will do the job.

Conditions? if any?

Yes, there are some conditions which are as follows:

1: Your mobile and your pc must be connected to the same network. It can be your Mobile Hotspot or your Router.

2: You must have a local account in your PC, instead of A microsoft account securing your PC.

3: You cannot use Windows Hello Pin in this case.

4: You have to configure it properly so that it will work.

That’s It. Without further delay lets get started.

How to configure?

First download the Fingerprint Unlock Module in your PC, from ” HERE “. After downloading simply install it by double clicking the file and proceed then. After installing it download the Remote Fingerprint Unlock App from ” Here “. Now make sure that both devices are connected to the same network and the above conditions are fulfilled.

First, Lock your PC. Don’t put it in sleep mode or shut it down, Simply lock it.

Select The Lock Option First.
If You Have Installed The Module Correctly In Your PC You Will Get A Window Like This:
Now Select The Fingerprint Unlock Module In Lockscreen

Now lets open the Remote Fingerprint Unlock App on your smartphone:

You Will See A Welcome Screen Like This. Select Scan.
After Selecting Scan, You Will Get A Page Like This. Select The Plus Button Below.
You Will See Your PC Name Here. Select it.
Select Save.
Then Select Accounts.
In This Window, First Scan your fingerprint. After That Enter The Account Name And Password Same As Your Windows.
After Entering Details Scan Your Fingerprint Again And Click Save.
If Done Successfully, You Will Get Like This,
Now Select The Left Menu Section(Three Parallel LInes) And The Menu Will Appear. Select The Unlock Option Now.
This Is The Interface Which Will Appear After Clicking Unlock.
Finally, After Unlocking.

So This Was A Detailed Guide About How To Unlock Your Pc Using Your Mobile Fingerprint Scanner. Hope You Liked It. If You Have Any Doubts You May Contact Us Or Leave A Comment Below. We Will Get In Touch With You.


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