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Torrents To Choose From For Android 2020

You may have heard the word ‘Torrent’ but don’t know what is it or how it works! Many people have heard about it but don’t know about it properly. This might be the case with you. So lets understand what is torrent first and then we will dig into The Best Torrents to choose from.

What is torrent?

Basically torrent is a word, popular in the Tech World which usually refer to a file which contains metadata holding various information. A torrent file comes with a ‘.torrent’ extension but does not contains the actual content which are to be distributed. This information then used by torrent softwares viz. U Torrent, Bit Torrent and via real distribution of data users can easily download the files the data of which lies in metadata.

How does torrent work?

Normally it’s a Key file of the actual content you are downloading. You can either download a torrent file and then add to the file to your torrent or directly via magnet link. A BitTorrent software is then required to open this file/link. After scanning the torrent file/link, it’ll then need to find the locations of seeders which are sharing the corresponding file. To do so, it will attempt to connect to a list of defined trackers (from the torrent file metadata) and attempt a direct connection. If it’s successful, the appropriate content will then begin transferring.

Best torrent for android:

As we have acquired some basic knowledge we can now proceed further. There are plenty of Torrent App for several operating Systems, such as U Torrent, Bit Torrent, Flud,T torrent etc. Variety of user interface including their names makes us in a fix. But all the torrents we have discussed about are good for Windows as well as ios. Because these can be customized a lot in those platform. But for Android there are a few comes with a great user interface including customisations. The Developer team ‘Teeon’ has presented one of the best and customizable torrent ever namely ‘Zeta torrent’. The customization option of this app is Incredible. You can check it out and feel the difference.

What’s unique about It?

The app lets you automate downloads, Battery Optimization, Remote User Interface, RSS Feed and a lot more. This is the only one torrent in play store with vast customizations. The free version app has limited features but the limitations are greater than competitor apps. Ads will be shown in the banner within app. The paid(Pro) version costs around Rs 180 which again is lesser than competition.


To Download The Free Version (Zeta Torrent) “Click here” And For The Paid (Zeta Torrent Pro) Version “Click Here


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