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The Best Way To Keep Your Android Faster And Clean

The usage of Electronics is setting new records day by day. Most of these electronics covers Smartphones, DSLR, Smart Tvs, Laptops and Computers and so on. Coming to smartphones there are Operating Systems which is the base of the User profile. Now as the internet usage has increased a lot we access a lot of apps, Games and Videos online. As as a consequence day by day we feel a lagginess in our phone. This increases gradually. A time comes when we get tired of that slowness. If we have a budget for a new phone we do switch for that. But what if we don’t want to buy a new phone ? And want the same phone to work like new ?

What to do now?

Well, every problem has a solution lies in it. In this case we do try to find a couple of Ram Cleaner, Antivirus to clean our phone and get rid of that hazard. But sometimes these steps are proven critical and takes the problem to a whole new level. Developers sometime build some masterpieces but a few get to know about these apps. As we are collecting informations from the core we have it. And in today’s article we are going to tell how you can keep your android clean as Brand New.

App To Install? Costs?

There is an app in Google Play Store ‘SD MAID’ by Dev. Darken. You can Install that and after that it will scan all the junk files on your device and show you the results. Don’t Worry It Will Not Delete Your Important Files. Rather it will speed up your phone by deleting unnecessary files such as Youtube cache, Junk files Created by Apps etc. There are two versions available of this Application. One is paid and the other one is free. The only drawbacks of free version are It will not let you clean Junk created by apps and the other one is you cannot analyse duplicate files. The pro version costs only Rs 25 Sometimes you can get it for just Rs 20.

Download Information:

Click Here to download the free version directly from play store and Click Here for the paid add on.



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