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Run Clash Of Clans In Split Screen On Android-Exclusive Tutorial:

From 2016 we are availing the option of split screen on Android. It was the Android version 7.0 known to us as Nougat. But a lot of Apps and Games can’t run on the split screen. Due to It’s incompatibility. From then to now Android has evolved a lot. A lot of features and customizations has come for its users. But there are some apps and games still exists which do not support the same.

What is the benefit?

Suppose you are a gaming freak and you want to play games and do chatting in the same time,What will you do? You will simply go for the split screen option,that’s the way. Of Course if you want to play games like PUBG its not possible to concentrate on two things at a time. But what if, you want to play some fantasy themed game like Clash Of Clans? Well, sounds good. But do you know that Clash Of Clans does not support Split Screen?

What is the solution then?

As you have come here and reading the post still now, probably are thinking does it make any sense of this post! Yes, we have come with a solution of this. So that you can chat with your dear one’s and play COC at the same time. Lets start then,

First of all install ‘Parallel space’ fromHERE then sign with your google account in the app. Then select “Clash Of Clans” from the clone options. That’s it. Now open the game in parallel space and log in your account. Everytime when you will be excited to play the game open parallel space, launch the game. From there, you can switch to split screen and enjoy your 2nd app it could be Whatsapp, Facebook or what ever you want.


Opening Game In Split Screen Via Parallel Space
Enjoying 🙂


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