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Reliance Jio Is Providing Free 10GB data- How To Grab It?


From the very beginning Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited is providing a lot of freebies. At the initial launch, Jio gave users unlimited data and later 1Gb/Day for 3months. All of these offerings were free of cost.

Only Airtel had a 4G network at that time and the charge was too high to afford. 3G telecom operators like Vodafone, Airtel, Aircel (Does not exist now ) used to charge Rs 249 and the recharge benefit was 2GB for a whole month. Jio launched at that prime time and changed the whole Telecom industry. The company made Data(Internet) cheapest in the whole world and created a new history.

So this was a brief history of Indian Telecom Industry, especially-Internet history.

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Why this was mentioned?

In the previous paragraph, I have mentioned a brief history relating to Indian mobile Internet service. I just wanted to make you recall this scenario.

In the situation of COVID-19 phenomenon and the catastrophe cyclone “Amphan”, Reliance Jio is continuously giving us uninterrupted services. Now they are offering free 10GB data for almost every user.

How to avail the Reliance Jio free data offer?

In the past days, Reliance Jio has given many users 2GB/Day for four days. This total 8Gb data will be consumed first on a daily basis. After the 2GB is exhausted the existing daily data of your base Jio plan will be consumed.

For example, if you have recharged with Rs 444, which gives 2Gb/Day for 56 Days- then if you got the free offer, your free 2Gb data will be consumed first then the Remaining 2Gb data will be in use.

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Open My Jio app go to my plans if you see 2Gb/Day pack is showing as Jio Data Pack you will understand that you have got the offer.


The offer is hidden in some cases. Means, if you go to My Jio app and then head to My plans you will see no extra plan activated.

What to do then? How to avail the Reliance Jio free data offer?

You can monitor your data usage then. Most of the phones, these days show data usage in the notification bar. You can check that and compare the same with My Jio app. If you see that your daily data limit is not exhausting but you are consuming the data and can also see in the notification area then you will understand that you have got the freebies. Let us know in the comments if you have got the offer.

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