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Paytm Merchant Account Charges Removed

Paytm merchant account charges

Paytm, One97 Communications Ltd has been very popular nowadays. They have added the local businessmen to use their payment app also. Thus every store we see accepts Paytm. Previously there were no restrictions for accepting payments. Paytm merchant account charges are our topic today.

Paytm has quoted a limit for accepting payments. They started dividing it into the sub-payments option. The categories were UPI, Credit card, Debit card, Paytm Payments Bank, Paytm wallet etc. You can accept till limit for free after that you will be charged this was the concept.

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What was the charge percentile earlier in Paytm Merchant accounts?

Paytm merchant account charges are zero for UPI and Paytm Payments Bank. Earlier it was the same. But for Paytm wallet, there was a charge percentile of 0.84%. A registered business can accept payments up to Rs 50000/- per month using Paytm wallet as a payment method, from customers.

What are the Paytm merchant account charges now?

The charges has been not been reduced. But the company has set a limit. After crossing the limit, merchants have to pay charges. The updated charges are given below:

  • For Paytm Wallet, the charge is 0.84% but this charge will be applicable after accepting more than Rs 20000/- per month.
  • UPI charges are 0%.
  • For Paytm Payments Bank, the charge is 0% too.
Paytm Merchant Account Charges Removed

Paytm Wallet charges

Previous options are pre-activated for any Paytm merchant account. Let’s discuss the additional payment methods available in Paytm for Merchants.

  • Paytm Postpaid charges: 1.99 percent
  • Credit Card charges: 1.99 percent
Paytm Mechant Account Charges Removed

Paytm Postpaid Charges

Paytm Merchant Account Charges Removed

Paytm For Business Credit Card Charges

For debit cards, the charge is divided

  • For payment amounting less than Rs 2000/- the charge is 0.4%
  • Payments more than Rs 2000/- will be charged 0.9%.
Paytm Merchant Account Charges Removed

Frequently asked questions:

Is the charge mandatory?

-Yes, the charge is mandatory for every Paytm merchants who are accepting payments on Paytm.

How to check my Paytm Merchant Account charges?

-You can check your merchant account charges by clicking the left corner menu in Paytm for business app> then go to limits and charges. All of your account charges will be shown there.

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