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Must Have File Manager In 2020

File manager is one of the essential applications no matter what the platform is. Plenty of us use file managers to track the files we have. We can find a dozens of them in Play Store but many don’t offer the vast features or ease of access as per our requirement. That being said the quality of these apps has improved vastly over the years. Here is the one we have chosen for you to download.

Solid File Explorer: If you want a minimal design,along with a great User Experience you can go with this one. This app has a tons of customization option which lets you dealing with its interface including some major settings.You can access your Google Drive storage by securing it with a password. You can also set a master password to protect your files and your sensitive data. The app isn’t free but costs a little. A 14days of trial will be provided. Later, you can pay Rs 20 and enjoy it for lifetime. This tiny investment will be beneficial in long term. Download Here.

Interface of Solid Explorer

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