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Kotak 811 Account Users To Get Rs 100 Gift Card For Free


Ranveer Singh, we all know him. He is a famous star in the Bollywood industry. Besides, many of you may know that he is the brand ambassador of Kotak 811. Recently we caught him in a Kotak 811 Account verification video. In that video, we saw him doing the KYC verification for his Kotak 811 Account from his home via video call. Here is the official video from Kotak.

Well, that was a small introduction of Kotak account KYC Verification process through a Video call. Now, as the title suggests we all are going to know how to get a free 100 Rupees gift card just by playing a game.

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How to get a free gift card using your kotak 811 account:

Kotak has brought a new concept for its users. The offer is presented especially for the Kotak 811 account users. They just have to play a game and if they score a minimum of 30 points within 30 seconds they will get a Rs 100 gift card. Users can choose among different vouchers. To be specific, they can choose from the following brands:

  • Starbucks
  • Amazon
  • Dominos
  • Myntra
  • Flipkart
  • PVR

So, here is the detailed guide what you have to do to get a Free Rs 100 voucher. Offer is valid from 1st June from 30th June. Go through this article in detail so that you will not regret.

How to play the game and proceed further?

Go to you will be prompted with this- Now follow step by Step:


Select Continue


Select one of the three characters


Tap Left to go to left and Right for vice versa


This is how the game looks. The character will jump automatically and you have to make it land in the bars there.


After you successfully reach your score i.e. 30 within 30 seconds, you will get a hidden reward like this


When you will open the reward you will see this. Here is you Free voucher worth Rs 100.

So this was about the game and how to play the same. Now lets head to the redemption process:

As soon as you click the submit button in the congratulations page, you will get this page where you have to enter your name and bank registered no.

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How to redeem?

After completing the aforesaid step when you click the submit button your Kotak app will be opened and there you have to do a bill payment to get your voucher. There are some terms and conditions of this offer which you need to know must, before applying the offer. Those are mentioned below:

  • You get a Voucher worth Rs.100! Here is how:

Play Super 811
Get a minimum of 30 points
After getting at least minimum 30 points, you can unlock the voucher by doing a bill payment/recharge on Kotak Mobile Banking App or Kotak Net Banking portal.

  • First 50 customers, every day, to do a  BillPay/ Recharge of minimum Rs.300 can unlock the voucher of Rs.100 which will be sent to the customer via email and/or SMS.

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