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Jiomeet,Rival Of Existing Video Conferencing Apps-Everything To Know About:

Due to lockdown we are feeling like caged birds. Thus our way of communicating has find a new way. We are connecting each other through video calls. Companies are organising video conferencing in daily basis. As video conferencing contents a lot of privacy, we should be conscious about it. Recently the most popular video conferencing app “Zoom” caught from selling sensitive data of its users. After that a lot of people uninstalled the app as per government notice.

Entry of jiomeet:

Recently Reliance Jio has come with a new solution. They are launching their new video calling app ‘Jio Meet’ which will be working as a competitor of existing video conferencing apps. Although the launch date is not yet announced, Reliance has said that the new video calling application will be launched soon. Incidentally, video calling apps like Zoom, Google Meet have gained immense popularity in the Indian market during the lockdown. This time JioMeet is coming to challenge them.


Jiomeet application will be available both for android and ios devices. The report claims that this app will bring HD experience in video calling. If you do not want to sign up, you can also participate as guest. You can also log in via OTP. It is learned that JioMeet’s business plan does not provide much information about JioMeet. But a leak has been out that the video call company can conference with 100 people at once. The interest in this announcement has increased after the Facebook agreement.


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