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How To Transfer Files Over The Air From A Phone To Pc Or Vice Versa:

It may happen that you took a visit at your friends’ home. After chilling a lot, you came to know that he/she has a lot of movies in his/her PC. Your all time favourite movies are also a part of his/her collection. But the problem is your friend does not have a card reader. Due to having a Type-C Port you cannot connect your phone using a micro usb cable present in your friend’s home. What will you do then?You will just leave without collecting movies? It may happen that you will meet your friend again after several months.


Problems will be there but don’t worry we got you covered. In this case wireless file transfer will be fruitful. But how to do that?The most popular tool for wireless file transfer i.e. Share it does not work properly on many windows devices as of writing this article. And the remote access apps like Teamviewer requires to create an account for this which is time consuming and quite complicated.

How to overcome?

Earlier, we discussed about problems and also told you that we have solution of it. In today’s article we will provide you the simplest way of using Wireless FTP(File Transfer Protocol).

In this case we have to download Solid File Explorer on our Android smartphone. No app is required to be downloaded in Windows. If you are eager to know why I am recommending this app to you you can check our previous article ” Here

What exactly to do?

1: First make sure that your phone and your friend’s Desktop/Laptop is connected to the same network. If your friend have a router,connected to his/her computer you can connect to his wifi. In case he/she have no internet connection and have a laptop/desktop you can open your smartphone’s wifi hotspot and request them to connect their PC with that. By doing this you will be able to fulfill the first condition which is to connect to the same network.

2: Download and open Solid File Explorer if not downloaded ” click here ” .

3: After opening,navigate to the top left menu. Then scroll down a lil bit. Select FTP.

Select FTP
With Wifi option disabled the page will look like this.
After you connect to the same network you will get this.
Make sure the Anonymous access is turned on. Now click Start.

Now open- This PC- section in your computer. And select Computer> Add a network location.

Click on Add Network Location
Select Next
Select Next
Type the exact FTP address same as FTP address in Solid File Explorer.
Select Finish

Now you have completed the setup and will be able to see the files and folders located in your Phone storage. You can change the directory too from the FTP setting in the App. You can copy or modify files from here Now. That’s It.

The storage directory of smartphone accessed bt FTP.
Copying files wirelessly in the phone storage.

So this was a detailed guide about how you can transfer files wirelessly from your smartphone to windows device. Hope you liked it. If you have any queries let us know the comment section below.

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