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Google Pay Or Any UPI App Without Bank Accounts?

Google pay without having a bank account

You may not have a bank account for several reasons. These reasons include- You are less than 18 years old, You are not that much interested in Investment or financial matters etc. The digital transactions are breaking its own records these days. From bill payments to Insurance premium we are depending on netbanking, BHIM UPI enabled apps just like the Google pay or Paytm etc.

Especially In these Covid-19 days when we are caged like birds, the necessity of being digitally active is quite mandatory . Offices, Colleges, Schools are closed. Mobile recharging points have paused their business without any further notice of re-opening. Right now E-commerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon are not accepting cash too.

What is the solution of all these hazards?

You may have guessed it. I am talking about using UPI apps like Google Pay, Paytm, Phone pe etc. There are several terms and conditions of UPI. If you don’t know take a look or scroll down below to skip these.

  • You must be at least 18 years old .
  • You should have a bank account.
  • Debit card is mandatory.
  • The bank account should be linked with the same mobile number from which you want to create Google pay account.
  • The mobile number registered with your bank should be inserted in your phone (Sim card).
  • The Sim card must have a valid recharge plan so that it could send messages to Google pay and activate your UPI services.

So these are the few conditions you have to fulfil. If you are under 18, you cannot use UPI apps as per guidelines. But if you go through this article, you can open UPI apps without having physical bank account later on.

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What is the benefit of not linking Google pay or any UPI apps in your physical bank account?

As digital transactions are increasing day by day, the cybercrime is increasing too. You can hear a lot of fraudulent activities these days. Suppose you are having a lot of money in your Bank account and you don’t want to hamper your privacy anyhow. You can use this trick, we are providing today in this article and keep yourself up to date.

If you are a student and want to involve yourself in digital transactions you can also follow this method to fulfill your goal.

Problems we usually face while opening Google pay or any other UPI apps:

The main problem arrive with debit cards. Most of our parents-aged people don’t have debit cards (ATM Cards). But debit card is one of the key factors for using UPI. Having a debit card is chargeable so many people don’t apply for debit cards due to this fear.

But if you follow our way there will be no charge at all and you will be having an access to UPI.

Solution of all problems- UPI without physical banks:

If you are reading still now you may have understood that I am not kidding about this. without further delay lets get started-

Open an account in Paytm. Do a mini KYC first. Then click the bank section available in the bottom bar of paytm app. Click it, set a passcode and remember it. If you want to add nominee details you can do that too.

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After completing, you can see a screen appearing like below:

This is the process of opening Google Pay without  physical Bank account

Now find you nearest KYC point by clicking this:

Click on Upgrade Full KYC
You can avail both KYC centre verification as well as doorstep verification in paytm

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The option of doorstep verification is there. You can also visit to a nearby KYC center grabbing your smartphone, Adhar card and Pan card. After completing verification. You can avail the Debit card issued by Paytm Payments Bank. You can use this debit card for online shopping and use the same while signing up for UPI too.

If you are following this trick to avoid linking your physical bank account directly to UPi apps you can add money in this virtual savings account by using your debit card safely. Later, you can spend using your virtual debit card.

If you are following this trick for not having a bank account you can borrow your friends’/parent’s debit card to load the money on the virtual bank account. You can also visit the nearby KYC centre to add some money in it by providing cash to them.

Once you have followed the process you can open any UPI apps without inferring with your physical bank account. Just open the bank section enter the passcode, your virtual debit card will appear in your mobile screen.

Click-View Card Details

If you want to open Google pay or any other UPI apps just select view card details and note down the important details like-

  • Your name (Kidding)
  • Card number
  • Expiry date
  • Cvv

Enter the exact details mentioned while creating your first UPI id and there will be no problem at all. Opening Google pay and linking bank account is super simple. But not every person is aware of this trick we have discussed today. Our goal is to make you gain a lil bit mentally and financially that’s it. Hope you liked it. If you haven’t opened Google Pay till now,enter my referral code “ i7gh6l ” and get Rs 21 for free as joining bonus. Download Google pay from ” Here

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