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How To Do Gas Cylinder Booking Indane- Easiest Process

Gas Cylinder Booking Indane

Most of us having LPG Gas Cylinder in our house for cooking purpose. There are several companies providing these LPG cylinders. For some states, there are pipeline Gas providers like Adani Gas Limited, Gujrat Gas Limited, Indian oil-Adani Gas Private Ltd, Vadodara Gas Limited etc. But for a major portion of Indians, we don’t have a Pipeline LPG Gas facility in our house. Basically we use domestic cylinder provided by several companies like HP Gas, Bharat Gas, Indane Gas etc. Due to Novel Coronavirus pandemic, Gas Cylinder Booking is a problem which has arrived.

Problems, we usually face in Gas booking:

Cylinder providers have already launched a specific number for them to book LPG Gas Cylinders by dialling those. But what about the payment? In this COVID-19 pandemic, most of us don’t have must cash in hand. We have changed our way of payment from cash to e-cash. Yes, there are official apps of aforesaid companies but most of them lack in user experience.

Due to poor internet connectivity and bad servers of website providers, it is often we get an error. Sometimes our money stucks in the portal for many days until we take a step. To solve all of these problems, here I’m with the solution of gas booking online through this article.

The solution for Gas Booking and payments:

There are many LPG Gas Cylinder providers in India and we have discussed earlier. I am considering only Indane gas Cylinder booking here because it is a major among LPG Gas Cylinder providers in India, Kolkata.

The easiest process of booking Indane Gas Cylinder Online:

There are tons of apps which allows us to do online transactions, bill payments, recharge etc. They also allow us to pay Gas Cylinder bills in case of pipeline gases and let us book LPG Cylinders. I am listing the popular payment apps and their supported payment providers.

Digital Payment ProvidersSupported LPG Cylinder Bookings On Their Platform
Google PaySupports Bharat Gas(BPCL), HP Gas, Indane Gas(Indian Oil). {Indane Gas has been added recently}
Amazon (Amazon Pay)Supports only Bharat Gas. (As of 29th May 2020)
PaytmSupports Bharat Gas(BPCL), HP Gas, Indane Gas(Indian Oil). {Indane Gas has been added recently}
Phone peSupports Bharat Gas(BPCL), HP Gas, Indane Gas(Indian Oil). {Indane Gas has been added recently}
List Of LPG available for booking in popular digital payment providers

This was a chart of the popular digital providers and their supported LPG booking partners. Now without further delay let’s head to the booking process:

Online Booking and Payment Process of Indane Gas Cylinder:

I have mentioned previously that you can book LPG your cylinder directly from the LPG providers website but that will be a lengthy process and may seem quite difficult for the Aged or Non-tech-savvy people. But as the title suggests we will tell you the easiest way, so here it is.

Gas Cylinder Booking Indane- Process No 1, Using Google Pay:

Majority of Indians is using Google Pay as it is very secure. Earlier on the app, it was not possible to book Indane Gas Cylinder. But recently, the option has been added. First of all, make sure you are using the latest version of Google Pay. If not, then update it from the play store and follow the steps mentioned below.

Gas Cylinder Booking Indane

Open Google Pay application on your smartphone. Click on New Payments below.

Gas Cylinder booking

If your interface looks like this then click Pay in the people section above.

Gas Cylinder Booking Indane,Online

Now go to bill payments

Select LPG Cylinder Booking

Gas Cylinder Booking Indane Online in Google Pay

As we are discussing on Indane Gas booking, we will be selecting Indane gas from the options above

You will get this window after following previous steps. Now to connect your account. Click Get Started

Indane Gas Booking online, Easiest Way

After clicking Get Started you will get this page. Now you have to type your Registered mobile number in Indane or type the last 16 digits of your LPG id. Your LPG Id has 17 digits. Enter the last 16 digits. In the Account Name section type whatever you want it is basically navigation to understand from multiple connections.

After entering the correct details you will get this window. Here you will get to know the account holder name and confirm it before proceeding further.

After successful completion of all steps above, you will see the amount of booking your cylinder. Click on pay bill to proceed further.

Click On pay Now and after that enter your UPI pin to continue.

Finally after the successful payment you will get a window like this.

So this was a detailed guide for Indane Gas Booking online on Google pay app. If you are not a user of google pay you can download it from here or you can enter my referral code “i7gh6l” for a bonus of Rs 21.

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Gas Cylinder Booking Indane- Process No 2, Using Phone Pe application:

Just like Google pay, phone pe is very popular in India too. It works in the same way as the Google Pay app does. Booking Indane LPG Cylinder is too simple in this app too. Here is the detailed guideline below in step by step with pictures.

Indane Gas Booking Online On phone pe

First, make sure that you are on the latest version of this app. Now open the Phone Pe app.

Indane Gas Booking Online On phone pe

Scroll down until you see the “Book A Cylinder” option.

Select Indane Gas (Indian Oil)

Indane Gas Booking Online On phone pe

Enter your registered phone no or LPG Id on this page

Indane Gas Booking Online On phone pe

After entering the correct details the amount of your LPG cylinder will be shown here. Click Pay and enter your UPI pin to proceed further and book your LPG Gas.

It was a meticulous guide for Booking Indane LPG Cylinder Online in Phone Pe application. Now we are moving to our next and final option i.e. Paytm.

Gas Cylinder Booking Indane- Process No 3, Using Paytm application:

Just like Phone pe and Google pe, Paytm has recently added the support of Booking Indane LPG Cylinder too. It is so simple like the two previous apps. Now, let’s head up to the procedure.

Gas Cylinder Booking Indane Using Paytm

Open the newly updated Paytm app. Select More

Gas Cylinder Booking Indane Using Paytm

Scroll down until you find the “Book A Cylinder” option.

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Gas Cylinder Booking Indane Using Paytm

You will get this page after clicking. Now select your gas provider.

Gas Cylinder Booking Indane Using Paytm

Select Indane

Gas Cylinder Booking Indane Using Paytm

Now select booking type value

Gas Cylinder Booking Indane Using Paytm

You will get this after selecting “Booking Type Value”. Now what do you want to choose is upto you.

  • If you want to enter your consumer no or dealer code then select the first option.
  • If you want to enter you 17 digit LPG id you can select the 2nd option.
  • Finally, if you want to complete the booking with mobile no, then enter your 10 digits registered mobile no.
Gas Cylinder Booking Indane Using Paytm

After selecting any one option out of three options select proceed and your Registered address, Name will be shown here. You will be prompted with the current price of your LPG cylinder too. Select proceed to book cylinder and continue with any of available payments method complete the booking of your Indane LPG Cylinder.


These were the easiest way of booking and Paying your Indane LPG Gas Cylinder online. After following the guide if you choose any of those payment platforms i.e Google Pay, Phone pe, Paytm shown above your bill will be paid successfully. I have mentioned Indane LPG Gas only, but the same process will be applicable for other LPG Cylinder providers like Bharat Gas and HP Gas too.

And after a few hours, you will receive a text message in your registered mobile number confirming that your invoice has generated or your booking has done successfully. If you face any error and your amount gets deducted, don’t worry the same will be refunded within 1 hour whereas the maximum time it can take is up to 7 days.

My recommendation is to use Google Pay for booking. If you book using Google Pay for the first time you will get a chance to win a minimum of Rs 10 and up to Rs 500. Try your luck. If you are new to Google Pay or haven’t created an account you can do so and enter "i7gh6l to get Rs 21 for free, directly in your bank account. If you have any doubts, suggestions, or queries you can let us know by your valuable comment. Thanks for reading. Have a great day.

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