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Free Recharge Offer- Install This App and get free recharge


Free recharge offer is quite necessary nowadays. The telecom industry has evolved completely after Reliance Jio’s arrival. We have taken our data consumption level to a new height. Instead of 2Gb per month, we are consuming 2Gb per day and even more from the aforementioned.

We still look for the best offers before topping-up our mobile. Now if someone gets a chance to recharge their mobile for free, what will they do? Obviously they will go for it. Today I’ll be presenting to you a new application through which you can easily recharge your phone for free.

What about the app? Safe to install?

As our ‘about section’ suggests, we only recommend the offers which are verified by us or our team. We have been testing the app since June 1, 2020. We have faced multiple issues and pending recharge problem on the specific app.

The app is completely genuine and has a total of 10 million-plus downloads in Google Play Store. Now the problems of the app are gone. You can freely use it and just by downloading this app, you will get a certain amount of free recharge which we are covering in the next paragraph.

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How To Get Free Recharge Offer In The App?

Simply download the app from the below link. Just click on it and it will redirect you to the play store:

The Name of the App is Dhani. You may have heard about “Indiabulls”. The application is provided by them officially. If you download the app manually, you will not get the invitation bonus. Which is Rs 10/-. Some users also get Rs 20/-.

How To Do Free Recharge?

If you have a Reliance Jio connection. You will get the most of the benefits. After installing the app from the above button you will get an invitation bonus.
Now, if you get Rs 10/- you have to initiate a recharge of Rs 10/. You will get 1Gb data in My vouchers’ section and 7.47 Talktime balance. Rs 20 will give you 2Gb of data and 14.95 Talktime balance to call on non-Jio networks. You can activate the data vouchers from there. At the end of this article, you will get a screenshot guide for that.

Before proceeding Further here is a quick proof:


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Reffer and earn scheme:

After installing the app you will get a bonus. You can use that to recharge it and then you can uninstall that. But if you want to earn more you can refer friends and earn more. For every invitation, Dhani will give you Rs 10/-. You can earn a maximum of Rs 10,000/- from this scheme.

How do I recharge after installing the app?

This is the interface off this app. Now after installing from the above link you will get Rs 10/- or Rs 20/- in wallet balance. You can view that in the wallet section. If you want to do recharge, you have to go to the services option in the bottom menu.


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Note that: We have to focus on the general balance, Dhani cash is not our main priority here. If you join or refer you, friends, you will get the balance in the general wallet balance using which you can recharge your mobile for free.

Not only recharge but also you will get several payment options there in the app. To recharge your mobile select Mobile.

dhani-recharge-process 2

Now give your number and fill the operator name and circle. Finally, insert the amount value and proceed.

Bonus for Reliance Jio users:

Jio users, to redeem the data voucher you have got, install my Jio App and then follow the instructions below:

Click on vouchers as shown in the picture.

You will see your vouchers here. As I have done multiple free recharges in my Jio, you can see there are a lot of vouchers here. You may see only one voucher in your case. Just click on redeem and redeem the voucher.

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That’s it. Your recharge will be successful. If you have any queries write down in the comment. Also if you find this post useful let us know. We will be glad to hear from you.

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