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Free Data In Vodafone-idea: How To Claim 14GB?


Reliance Jio is coming with new surprising offers including freebies from the initial stage. Jio is is the only network which gave uninterrupted services in Kolkata after Amphan cyclone. However, Vodafone-Idea has fixed all of its networks issues and now they have come with some surprising offers and freebies like Reliance Jio. Free data is being offered by Vodafone and they are providing more data this time as compared to Jio.

Recently Jio gave its customers free data of 10GB which helped a lot of users who fight with data shortage. As the work from home concept has expanded further, nowadays the issue is almost common. Today, Vodafone has come up with exciting news. They have alerted about their service restoration in most of the Newspapers. Here is a quick proof-

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How to claim the free data offered by Vodafone?

As Vodafone-Idea services have been restored properly. Now if you claim your free data you will be able to access their services without any hazard. Now without further ado, let’s get to the process where you can claim your free data.

what you have to do?

You just have to dial a number from your phone and boom, you will get the freebies from Vodafone. If you don’t have any plan and your outgoing calls are barred, then recharge with the minimum amount first. Although the minimum amount is Rs 49, you can check the offers available for you. For some users, the same benefit comes with Rs 39.

You are looking for the secret number, right?

Well, here it is, dial 121363 and do follow the instructions. You can dial 121365 if the previous no not works. If the offer is available for you, then you will get notified. After the call, you will receive the SMS containing the confirmation. Though this is not all user offer, you can have a try at least.

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How much data will you get? Till how long you will get the free data from Vodafone?

As mentioned earlier in the title itself, you will get 14GB data in total. Daily 2GB will be provided to you. This will stay for 7days. Means 7*2GB=14 GB of data. Plus you will get unlimited free calls to any network for 7days.

Proof of the free data and Unlimited calls provided by Vodafone:

Here is the proof of mine.


Free data in Vodafone-proof:1 | The message sent by the company itself

Free data in vodafone

If the offer is available for you, it will get activated after the call and you can hear the instructions on the phone call too. After the activation of the offer, you will get confirmation SMS like this one.

free data in vodafone

The final proof is my Vodafone App’s screenshot

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