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Get Play Store app updates faster than anyone by installing this:)


We all want to get things early before anyone grabs it. We pre-book smartphones, we pre-book our seats in Cinema hall or Stadium or sometimes we do register for games to have a chance of early access. Why we do these? As mentioned earlier, to grab it before anyone gets it. The same applies in Operating systems and even for Google Play Store app updates also.

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Alpha and Beta testing programs:

Most of the reputed companies present this type of test programme which helps a geeky person to explore and learn more. At the same time, the company also gets to know the bugs and the user experience of their service/product.

Windows has insider programme. Xioami let users test their Roms in Alpha and Beta stage to ensure the stability before launching it publicly.

In this article, we will be covering an app,which will let you use beta version of play store apps whenever an update is available.

Benefits of faster/early updates in play store:

Sometimes we want to taste new features of some apps before the public launch. Say, Whatsapp-the dark mode was available to beta testers for more than past one month before it was rolled out for everyone. A normal user has availed it after the availability of the social app in Google Play store. The beta testers got the chance to avail it one month before the public launch.

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How to get play store app updates faster?

Mirko Dimartino has developed an app for Android namely, Beta Maniac. The app will let you enrol in beta programs available for android apps which we get in play store. Simply download the app, select the google account you want to sign in with that’s it.

Credit: Google Play Store

Now it will show you blue tick for those apps which are available for beta programs. Just select the app and join the program. It will check app updates regularly and let you know the update availability.

Credit: Google Play Store

You can also test system apps in beta version. By using beta versions of all apps you will get app updates faster as compared to a normal user.


You can even surprise your friends by saying them the upcoming feature. Enjoy. Download link is below:


You can download the app simply byClicking Here

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