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Chinese apps list in playstore |Remove Chinese apps like Tiktok, Share it

The Covid-19 disease started in China and now it is critical pandemic all over the world. It was the starting of shattering in the relationship between India and China. After the Ladakh attack, India has lost her 20 brave soldiers in the war. Government has started to boycott Chinese things. We cannot free ourselves from Chinese products overnight, but we can start by removing the Chinese apps. Indian-intelligence has presented a list of Chinese apps in playstore which are red-flagged. These apps can still your data too.

Chinese Apps - Tiktok UC Browser ShareIt 360 Security Parralel Space Clubfactory
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Why these Chinese apps, available in playstore should be removed immediately?

Indian Intelligence has red-flagged these apps due to security concern. These include not only your privacy but also the Country’s security. Hence, they have provided a list containing 52 Chinese apps in play store. Remove these apps to ensure your and our country’s security.

What harm can it do to you?

Recently TikTok is getting hate because of its contents and privacy concern. Everywhere it is trending. This app has adult and hateful contents that can harm your child mentally. It may also change the behaviour of your child. Hence it is not recommended that you let your kid enjoy TikTok videos without restriction.

Neither TikTok nor other apps we are going to mention in this post should be used by you and your family members for security reasons as mentioned earlier.

There are a total of 52 apps which are on the list, but we are going to highlight the most popular ones.

Share it:

chinese app list in playstore Share it

You might surprise after hearing this name on this list. The app over 1Billion downloads in play store. It is basically an FTP app which lets you share a file from one phone to another or a PC. This app also lets you watch short videos just like TikTok. As this app is developed by china that’s why it is not recommended to use it anymore.

Uc Browser:

chinese app list in playstore Uc browser

Another popular app is this. With over 500 million downloads this app can be a loophole in your privacy. This app has been blamed several times for data sending.

Mi store:

chinese app list in playstore Mi store
chinese app list in playstorechinese app list in playstore

The official app of Xiaomi to sell its products is Mi store. As per indian intelligence this app can also make your privacy vulnerable.



Just like share it, the app is FTP based. It allows user to send files or share apps without internet connection from one to another.


viva video

We all have heard about it. It is a video editor which lets you edit a video file in your Android smartphone. Remove this app as soon as possible.


Remove chinese app helo app

Just like tiktok, the Helo app is a Bytedance property and should be removed as well.

Es file explorer:

Cover art

Most of us are familiar with the name. As the name suggests it is a File explorer which is a lot more customizable than the stock one. If you have this app installed in your smartphone, then uninstall that and replace it with the non-china file explorer as well. We have already suggested this kind of file manager in our article. The link of the article is “Here”

Club factory:

Cover art

A shopping app like flipkart/Myntra.

All the other Chinese apps available in play store is presented in list below:

Vault-Hide, Vigo Video, Bigo Live, Weibo, WeChat, Uc News, BeautyPlus, LIKE, Kwai, ROMWE, SHEIN, NewsDog, Photo Wonder, APUS Browser, Perfect Corp, CM Browser, and Virus Cleaner (Hi Security Lab).

  •  Mi Community,
  • DU recorder,
  • YouCam Makeup,
  • Mi Store, 360 Security,
  • DU Battery Saver, Browser, DU Cleaner,
  • DU Privacy, Clean Master – Cheetah,
  • Cache Clear DU apps studio, 
  • Baidu Translate,
  • Baidu Map,
  • Wonder Camera,
  • QQ( International, Launcher, Security Centre, Player, Music, Mail, NewsFeed)
  • We Sync,
  • SelfieCity,
  • Clash of Kings,
  • Mail Master,
  • Mi Video call-Xiaomi,
  • and Parallel Space.

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